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  • GORGOROTH - Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt LP

  • MONSTER MAGNET - Mastermind CD


List of products by label The Devil's Elixirs

  • AUSTERE - Withering Illusions And Desolation LP (Smoke)


    The duo's roots run deep in the enigmatic Australian black metal underground, but here on Withering Illusions and Desolation, AUSTERE crafted hysterical yet hauntingly melodic epics of absolute anguish and utter despair, taking the foundation laid down by Burzum to new heights/depths. 

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  • MIDVINTER - At The Sight Of The Apocalypse Dragon 2LP (Dark / Red)


    Reissue of 1997 album. First time on vinyl. Limted to 400 dark red handnumbered copies.

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  • MAGUS - Ruminations Of Debauchery CD Digibook (Ltd)


    Hardcover digibook CD

    Limited to 513 handnumbered copies.

    Ultra- savage, grinding death/ doom from Proscriptor McGovern of Absu fame. Comes in noble digibook, includes Magus complete recordings- EP and 2 demos recorded in 1992.

    For fans of Winter, Disembowelment, Mythic, Sorrow, Dusk, Absu.

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  • MYTHIC - Anthology CD Digibook


    Noble hardcover digibook with hotfoil logo.

    Limited to 999 handnumbered copies.

    One of the best US undergound acts. Legendary female trio played ultra- heavy, bone-crushing and slow death metal, released 2 demos and EP, split- up to leave their mark in bands like Demonic Christ, Derketa, November's Doom. Our edition is a collection of the band's complete recordings, supported by many rare band's pictures.

    For fans of Magus, Disembowelment, Dusk, Sorrow, Winter, Ceremonium, Derketa.

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  • TROLL - Drep De Kristne CD Digibook


    Issued in a Digibook with a transparent tray. Comjes with an 8-page booklet in bronze pantone print.

    Limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies.

    Cult Norwegian black metal.

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  • AUSTERE - To Lay Like Old Ashes CD Digibook


    Austere’s 2nd full-length album grazes the face of the earth with a collection of melancholic, despair ridden bleak music. For we all live in a delusion... As life holds nothing but DEATH!

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  • ILDJARN - Landscapes 2CD Digibook


    Limited Edition Digibook.

    Handnumbered /999 copies.

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  • VARATHRON - His Majesty At The Swamp CD Digibook


    The twin brother of “Thy Mighty Contract”, the cult debut VARATHRON album “His Majesty at The Swamp” now officially pressed as Tape. Comes with a layout faithful to the LP version that released in 1995 by Molon Lave Records, this jewel of Unholy Hellenic Black Metal is available again!

    Limited to 999 copies.

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  • TARTAROS - The Red Jewel CD Digibook


    Released as Hand Numbered Digibook, Limited to 555 copies. A true gem of Norwegian black metal!

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