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New additions

  • TATIR - Cave Of Ephyras... To The Infernal Fields CD

  • TATIR - Cave Of Ephyras... To The Infernal Fields LP

  • GAAHLS WYRD - The Humming Mountain MCD Digipak



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  • Format: MCD
  • Genre: Hardcore | Punk
  • Genre: Pagan | Folk Metal
  • MOONSORROW - Tulimyrsky EP MCD


    Escellent pagan metal from Finland.

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  • DISCHARGE - Beginning Of The End MCD


    The CD contains two videos: one is an interview with band members and the second contains in-studio footage for the recording of 'They Lie, You Die'.

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  • BURNT BY THE SUN - Burnt By The Sun MCD


    Burnt by the Sun is a relentless fusion of post-everything virtuosity, leaving behind the charred remains of convention and sterility for a scorched earth policy of progression, aggression and perpetual motion.

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    Slavonic Native Heathen Black Metal from Poland.

    Debut MCD finally available, limited to 500 copies.

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  • MÅNEGARM - Urminnes Hävd MCD


    Remastered and with exclusive liner notes.

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