NEGATIVE PLANE - Et In Saecula Saeculorum 2LP


Reissue, Remastered.

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To be frank; whilst I had previously written a lengthy review about this album after being initially impressed with it, I believe that it's only after you listen to this album for a while and really let its dense nature pull you in, that you can better articulate a better review about it. At least that's how it is for me, and after about the one hundredth play of this album, I can safely call this my favorite black metal album ever, and one of the absolute best in all of metal. Negative Plane, on this release, encapsulate absolutely everything I'd not only want in merely a black metal album, but simply a metal album. Adjectives like originality and uniqueness are absolutely applicable to this album, but there's something very uncannily special about this album. Something very difficult to describe, and perhaps somewhat personal. Perhaps a main point is that if there was a single guitar player's style I not only enjoy and admire, but artistically would love to call my own; it would be that of Nameless Void. Amazingly, this band is merely a duo; with the unmistakable talent of Nameless on guitar, bass and vocals - all chaotically rounded off with the equally inimitable drum work of Bestial Devotion. Interesting pseudonyms, to be sure, but that's nothing compared to these two guys' music. 

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Black Metal
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United States