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YOG SOTHOTS - Black Power Metal LP (Green)

Includes a booklet with interviews and photos.

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NWN! Continues to plumb the depths of the 1980’s Quebecois Speed Metal scene with the long awaited reissue of Yog Sothots’ demo recording from 1987. This release commits to vinyl this incredible LP length demo – the only recorded output of this seminal, yet often overlooked, pillar of the Quebecois scene. Born of youthful aggression and adrenal overdose, this recording contains some of the most venomous late 1980’s Speed Metal. During their brief existence, the band often referred to their music as “Black Power Metal,” an appropriate description given the band’s ability to deliver frantically melodic riffs with a sinister presentation. Like so many great young bands of that era, Yog Sothots play perilously close to the edge of their ability. So much so, at times, that the songs teeter on the brink, but never actually fall apart, the entropic energy instead pushing the intensity of the material further into the red. This much needed reissue follows on the heels of recent reissues of classic material by Voor, Damnation, and Soothsayer and provides greater insight into the fertile Quebecois scene of that era.


YOG SOTHOTS, the keeper of the seven gates of hell that is on planet earth ... This name was suggested to the group by Away of Voivod drummer. After their first show in summer 1983, "Gathering of youth centers in Quebec," Yog Sothots opened for Voivod December 13, 1983 at Salle Wildbrod Bherer. There followed a series of shows: Versatile to Donacona (March 21, 1984), the Rock Bar South Shore (12 March 1985), with Soothsayer and Aggression (1515 Estimauville, Saturday, April 26, 1986), with Off Process (537 St-Vallier August 9, 1986) . Then, in late 1986 marked the beginning of "Razz" and the arrival of "Blood" and "Bootch.” They recorded a demo in 1987, while continuing to perform in the show: Genocide and with Machiavellian Regression (Musiquébec Center June 19, 1987), with Aggression and Sadistic Vision (October 30, 1987), with Damnation, BARF, Hazy Azure and Birth Defects (3 and 4 June 1988 Musiquébec Centre), Black Light de Montréal and at the station at Alma (1989/1990). Yog Sothots died in 1991. 

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