BEHEMOTH - In Absentia Dei 3LP

Strictly limited edition. Regular black vinyl, black polylined protective inner sleeves.

Trifold cover sleeve, includes a 20-page 12"x12" booklet and two 12"x12" cardboard inserts with paper church model to cut-out & glue.

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The ground-breaking immersive livestream spectacular which first broadcast in September 2020 from Poland offered fans a much welcomed escape during the height of the pandemic. The event was said to set a new standard for streaming events in the future and this was something Behemoth set out to achieve from the start, Nergal explains:

‘In Absentia Dei was a massive challenge and a huge risk, but it was a great artistic and commercial success. The response was absolutely brilliant - we made a statement with this performance and set the bar high. I hope that we can continue to raise the bar with the projects to come!’

Produced by Grupa 13, In Absentia Dei was presented as a show of four parts within the ancient walls of an ancient and abandoned church in rural Poland. The show was woven with high-production theatrics and even a hellish flames emanating from all parts of the sacred building.

Parts of the performance may offend – you have been warned.

The Polish heretics released their latest full-length, I Loved You At Your Darkest, in 2018 to vast critical acclaim. I Loved You At Your Darkest marked a milestone in the history of the band, being not only their most successful album, but also an audiovisual masterpiece: from its detailed, blasphemous artwork, to the highly vicious, yet deeply emotional tracks, Behemoth once again played with fire - and ignited a wildfire burning the narrow minded bigotry of Christianity down to the ground.

Side A:

1 Evoe (live)  

2 Wolves Ov Siberia (live)  

3 Promotherion (live)  

4 From The Pagan Vastlands (live)  

Side B:

1 Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel (live)  

2 Antichristian Phenomenon (live)  

3 Conquer All (live)  

4 Lucifer (live).  

Side C:

1 Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer (live)  

2 Satan’s Sword (I Have Become) (live)  

3 Ov Fire And The Void (live)  

4 Chwala Mordercom Wojciecha (live)  

Side D:

1 As Above So Below (live)  

2 Slaves Shall Serve (live)  

3 Chant For Ezkaton 2000 E.V. (live)  

Side E:

1 Sculpting The Throne Ov Seth (live)  

2 Bartzabel (live)  

3 Decade Ov Therion (live)  

Side F:

1 O Father O Satan O Sun! (live).

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Black | Death Metal
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