PSYCHOTIC WALTZ - A Social Grace / Mosquito 2CD + DVD


Comes packaged in a carton slipcase. 

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Comes packaged in a carton slipcase. 

CD1 recorded at "The Studio" 1989-1990.

CD2 mixed at Morrisound Studios, FLA. 

CD2 bass & drums recorded at Madhatter Studios, Hollywood. 

CD2 guitars & vocals recorded at the Record Plant, Los Angeles. 

Track CD2-10c name only mentioned on credits. 

CD1 is dedicated to the fond memories of Mel Blanc, Graham Chapman, Jim Henson and Cliff Burton for leaving positive impressions on our lives. 

Track CD1-6 dedicated to Ian Anderson. 

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Mosquito

  2. Lovestone Blind

  3. Haze One

  4. Shattered Sky

  5. Cold

  6. All the Voices

  7. Dancing in the Ashes

  8. Only Time

  9. Locked Down

  10. Mindsong

Disc: 2

  1. ... and the Devil Cried

  2. Halo of Thorns

  3. Another Prophet Song

  4. Successor

  5. In This Place

  6. I Remember

  7. Sleeping Dogs

  8. I of the Storm

  9. A Psychotic Waltz

  10. Only in a Dream

  11. Spiral Tower

  12. Strange

  13. Nothing

Disc: 3

  1. Video Clip: Faded (Bonus DVD)

  2. Video Clip: My Grace (Bonus DVD)

  3. A Social Grace (Bonus DVD)

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