HORRIFIED - Allure Of The Fallen CD


'Horrified have created a true masterpiece that can be enjoyed over and over.' - 6/6 Eternal Terror

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'Horrified have created a true masterpiece that can be enjoyed over and over.' - 6/6 Eternal Terror

"Though the band may have their roots in a certain era, they’re not content simply trying to recapture past glories, and the six tracks which make up this album all demonstrate a keen grasp of character and dynamic that goes well beyond simply paying tribute to a bygone age." - No Clean Singing

"'‘Allure Of The Fallen’ is an absolute top release and mandatory for anyone who likes a little more adventure in their death(/black/doom)! Definitely end-of-year list material..." - 91/100 Lords of Metal

"The significance of this album isn’t just in how it rediscovers why melodic death metal was incredible when it first began, but also in how it sidesteps much of the shortcomings plaguing the 90’s death revival" - 9/10 The Metal Observer

"Horrified often look like a blissful relic from the old days" - 8/10 Metal.de

"Horrified is becoming one of those bands that defies genre, or at least straddles lines, giving listeners something different with each album." - 4/5 The Metal Crypt

"Allure of the Fallen is downright impressive." - 3.5/5 Angry Metal Guy

'This band just keeps getting better with each album. On Allure of the Fallen, they shed much of their 'Sunlight' influences sound- and music-wise, and incorporate a lot more black metal and doom. It’s melodic, heavy, and catchy as hell. It brings to mind fond memories when I first discovered bands like Unanimated, Sacramentum, etc, and that’s an awesome thing. This will definitely be a highlight for a lot of folks in 2017!" - Damain Herring (Horrendous) 

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Black | Death Metal
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United Kingdom