LEVIATHAN - The Tenth Sub Level Of Suicide CD Digipak


70+ minutes of Rusty melodies from the Black Metal razor! 

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70+ minutes of Rusty melodies from the Black Metal razor! Wolfmoon howls, funeral dirges and other worldly vocals drift the listener into a vortex of higher being. Imbibe the mesmerizing qualities and LEVIATHAN will engulf you in their absolutely eccentric expressions, drunk with an unquenchable thirst for blood. Mind-altering compositions with a cavernous sound echo suicide in your DNA, leaving your cells to crave the cold embrace of steel. Feel the warmth flowing... and drift upon the cold and ethereal tides to LEVIATHAN's crimson-grey shores! Harrowing black metal, marked by obscure atmospheres and unusual moments. An acclaimed piece of U.S. black metal art from this unique one-man entity.


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CD Digipak
Black Metal
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United States