BEHEMOTH - The Apostasy CD + DVD Digibook


2014 CD/DVD reissue on Peaceville Records including the 2008 'Ezkaton' EP in its entirety.

Housed in a thick digibook case with a 28 page booklet attached.

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Behemoth was born in Poland in 1991, formed by band mastermind, Nergal. The evolution of Behemoth grew out of early demos and studio recordings with strong black metal roots and atmospherics, into brutal extreme metal. They stamped their own identity on the metal world with the compositions becoming more fierce and unrelenting than cold and raw, and with a great maturity in songwriting and execution becoming clearly evident with each passing early release. 'The Apostasy' was the band's eighth studio album and was originally released in 2007. It was recorded at the Radio Gdansk Studios Poland, mixed by Daniel Bergstrand in Dug Out Studio in Sweden, and sees the band executing their brand of ferocious extreme metal to perfection with exquisite riffing and musicianship, plus an extra dynamic and atmosphere brought by the inclusion of piano and horn section, as a perfect backdrop to the album's philosophical, mythological, anti-religious and occult themes. A notable highlight of the band's career, 'The Apostasy' further projected the band to the forefront of the global death metal scene. This edition of 'The Apostasy' is presented in mediabook format and includes the rare 2008 'Ezkaton' EP tracks, featuring exclusive studio songs, live renditions of top Behemoth tunes, and cover songs by such classic and diverse artists as Misfits and Master's Hammer. Also included is a DVD containing a documentary following the making of 'The Apostasy'. CD 1. Rome 64 C. E. 2. Slaying The Prophets Ov Isa 3. Prometherion 4. At The Left Hand Ov God 5. Kriegsphilosophie 6. Be Without Fear 1. Arcana Hereticae 2. Libertheme 3. Inner Sanctum 4. Pazuzu 5. Christgrinding Avenue Ezkaton EP tracks 1. Chant For Eschaton 2000 E. V. 2. Qadosh 3. Jama Pekel 4. I`m Not Jesus 1. Devilock 2. From The Pagan Vastlands (Live) 3. Decade Ov Therion (Live) 4. Chant For Ezkaton 2000 E. V. (Live) DVD 'The making of 'The Apostasy'.


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CD + DVD Digibook
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