SEPULTURA - Dante XXI CD Digipak


2006 album.

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After losing Max Cavalera to his own ambitions in Soulfly, Sepultura brought in Derrick Green, and then seemed to stumble a bit. But thats not the case here. Dante XXI is a powerful record, on that stands alongside of Sepultura classics like Beneath The Remains and Chaos A.D.. Loosely based on Dantes "The Divine Comedy" and clocking in at less than 40 minutes, this is hardcore thrash with a literary bent. Using the classic Sepultura speed metal churn, "City of Dis" burns along with a strong vocal performance by Green. But it isnt a one-note piece of music either, as the band learned from their more experimental phase: "Fighting On" digs in with a slower torch, while "Ostia" has a beautiful string instrument break. Many people wrote the band off when Max left, but it would be a mistake to dismiss this album, as the band has once again found the same intensity they showed in their earlier years. 


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