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'Sign of the Hammer' is the fourth album by metal group Manowar, released in 1984. Manowar, famous for their hard hitting, no holds barred metal, would go on to sign to a major label the following year, leaving behind the sound that had defined them up to that point, but it s still here, and very evident, on 'Sign of the Hammer.' Their first four albums, including 'Sign of the Hammer,' were recorded in full analog, which early fans loved. After the success of their previous release, 'Hail to England,' producer Jack Richardson returns as an integral part in the orchestration of the groups sound. Notable tracks include, 'Guyana (Cult of the Damned)' a song about the 1978 mass suicide of the Peoples Temple cult, and 'All Men Play on 10,' a fun, amusing track dead-set on purporting Manowar's 'death to false metal' ideals. Rounding out the repertoire is, 'Thor (The Powerhead)' a hardcore metal piece describing Ragnarok, the Norse Gods end of days. Fans of classic metal, and of Manowar's authentic, heavy sound, will not want to miss 'Sign of the Hammer.'


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