GHOST - Opvs Eponymovs CD


Their first opus.

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'It's musically smart in the way that metal should be spooky, evil, with just a dash of 'do you think these guys are serious?' Even if Ghost weren't espousing the glories of a certain dark lord, the songs would still hold up beautifully, which should be an indication of how strong OPUS EPONYMOUS is.'

Ritual is one of the best classic metal songs in recent memory...This is must-have stuff, essential for those who have long worshipped at the altar of classic Mercyful Fate.

Live, they re a striking sight: five robed, hooded, anonymous musicians churning away, the similarly nameless, face-painted singer garishly adorned in vestments and miter, clutching a chain thurible filled with burning incense. He s a beelzebubian bishop, a pagan pontiff. It might look corny, but there s no wink, no sense of irony. Rather than trying to look evil, his face is dead serious. He has stuff to say, and he means every word.'

Rise Above

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Heavy Metal
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