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HILLS OF SEFIROTH / SAPTHURAN - Heralding The New Song Of Ruin CD


Lo-Fi black metal.

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The American Project, Hills of Sefiroth, was Founded in 2003 and Managed to Establish Themselves in the Rough Black Metal Underground. On this Split Album You Will Find the Calmest and Most Atmospheric Hos Material So Far. The Band Are Influenced by Judas Iscariot and Burzum Without Becoming a Poor Imitation of It. In Consideration of the Singing There Are Surely Similarities to Bands Like Xasthur. The Partly Hypnotic-impressing Guitars have the Ability to Put the Listener Into a Trance Like Situation - this View Will Be Encouraged by Suitable Acoustic Guitar Fill-ins and Decent Keyboard Sounds.

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Black Metal
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United States