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New additions

  • DEMONOMANCY / WITCHCRAFT - Archaic Remnants Of The Numinous / At The Diabolus Hour CD

  • NECROSANCT - Incarnate CD

  • COMECON - The Worms Of God 2CD


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  • MEDIEVAL DEMON - Arcadian Witchcraft Cassette


    Following that lost classic, MEDIEVAL DEMON ceased activity, but in 2018 did they rise from the time and dust of the mystical '90s to unleash spells, prayers, and glorify the gods of the underworld and mighty Lucifer, the ruler of the Earth. Medieval Necromancy was the full-length spell they conjured, and truly did it sound like those '90s never ended. Nor will they ever end with the imminent release of Arcadian Witchcraft.

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  • VARATHRON - His Majesty At The Swamp Cassette


    The twin brother of “Thy Mighty Contract”, the cult debut VARATHRON album “His Majesty at The Swamp” now officially pressed as Tape. Comes with a layout faithful to the LP version that released in 1995 by Molon Lave Records, this jewel of Unholy Hellenic Black Metal is available again!

    Limited edition tape released by Altar of The Black Ram. 

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