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New additions

  • DEMONOMANCY / WITCHCRAFT - Archaic Remnants Of The Numinous / At The Diabolus Hour CD

  • NECROSANCT - Incarnate CD

  • COMECON - The Worms Of God 2CD



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  • Format: 2LP
  • Genre: Sludge
  • CULT OF LUNA - A Dawn To Fear 2LP (Purple / White Marbled)


    Limited to 1000 copies worldwide. Includes a 20 page booklet (vinyl size) and a download card. Gatefold sleeve.

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  • MAUDLIN - Ionesco 2LP


    Ionesco is a atmospheric sludge metal.

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  • GGU: LL - Dwalling 2LP (White)


    - Noble jacket with cut outs.

    - Heavy printed innersleeves.

    - 180g white virgin vinyl (lim. 200)

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  • A STORM OF LIGHT - Anthroscene 2LP


    NYC’s A Storm Of Light, like Killing Joke, Anaal Nathrakh and Ministry, always sound as if they’re accelerating towards some all-encompassing moment of reckoning, but their fuel is an endless tank of genuine disgust, frustration and a keen eye on the belligerent shitshow unfolding all around us – a perspective that becomes a vividly psychedelic experience. 

    Limited edition of 200 in a silk screen jacket. Download code included.

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