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New additions

  • DEMONOMANCY / WITCHCRAFT - Archaic Remnants Of The Numinous / At The Diabolus Hour CD

  • NECROSANCT - Incarnate CD

  • COMECON - The Worms Of God 2CD



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  • Format: LP
  • Genre: Electronic
  • B x CHVE x SYNDROME - Reworks LP


    CHVE - Colin H. Van Eeckhout (CHVE) solely makes use of a hurdy gurdy and his voice as instruments to dig deep within his own self. Just a man, his thoughts, scars and memories, with his voice and his instrument. SYNDROME - the solo project of Mathieu Vandekerckhove, mostly known for his work with Amenra, Kingdom, Sembler Deah. B - "1 MAN vs 4 MACHINES" - B is the live Techno project from Bert Libeert.

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