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New additions

  • ORDO SANGUINIS NOCTIS - Chthonic Blood Mysteries CD

  • HEGEMOON - Hegemoon CD

  • VENEDAE - Milczące Głazy CD



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  • Genre: Doom | Death
  • MORAST - Il Nostro Silenzio CD Digipak


    “Il Nostro Silenzio” is loosly based around the lyrical theme of “noises inside the head” and marks the band's biggest production to date. 

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  • MORAST - Ancestral Void CD Digipak


    'Ancestral Void' is a trip through melancholic desolation and raging subversion.

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  • SWALLOW THE SUN - When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light CD Digipak (Ltd)


    Limited digipak edition.

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  • MY DYING BRIDE - Towards The Sinister MLP


    Towards The Sinister is MDB's legendary 1990 demo presented on black vinyl. 

    Includes original cover art, lyrics and rare photos.

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