New additions

New additions

  • ACHERONTAS - Vamachara / Worship 2LP

  • AOSOTH - III: Violence And Variations LP (Red With Black Smoke)

  • VI - De Praestigiis Angelorum LP (Transparent With Blue Splatters)



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  • Format: CD + DVD Digisleeve
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  • Genre: Death Metal
  • Genre: Goth | Post Punk
  • Genre: Psychedelic Doom
  • GRAVE MIASMA - Realm Of Evoked Doom MCD Digipak


    After poor distribution and incredibly high demand, NWR is proud to recapture this monumental 7″ from She’ol itself. This CD edition features improved sound and packaging as well as one outtake and two dungeonic rehearsal tracks – a total of five songs plus intro, clocking at more than 31 minutes. Prepare yourself for true occult darkness and obscurity!

    Limited reissue on Digipak, comes with insert.

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  • CORPSE MOLESTER CULT - Corpse Molester Cult MCD Digipak


    Corpse Molester Cult is rising to show today’s Death Metal scene some old school songs, performed by old school people. We dare to say that this is the real deal concerning Death Metal!

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  • VIRCOLAC - The Cursed Travails Of The Demeter MCD Digipak


    Death metal from Ireland.

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  • WOLVENNEST - Vortex MCD Digipak


    Digipak. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies.

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  • GRAVE MIASMA - Exalted Emanation MCD Digipak


    Debut album from these UK obscure death metal band. A masterpiece!

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  • AUTOPSY - Puncturing The Grotesque MCD Digipak


    CD in 4-panel digipak.

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  • NECROS CHRISTOS - Darkness Comes To...Live! CD + DVD Digisleeve


    The "Darkness comes to... Live!" release includes the stirring live performance, as recorded and filmed at the K17 Berlin, during the "Sepulchral Doom Over Europe"-Tour 2013, in both, video (dvd) and audio format (cd).

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