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New additions

  • ORDO SANGUINIS NOCTIS - Chthonic Blood Mysteries CD

  • HEGEMOON - Hegemoon CD

  • VENEDAE - Milczące Głazy CD



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  • Format: 2LP
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  • Genre: Black | Death Metal
  • WALPURGIA - Altar Of The Goatbaphomet MLP (Red)


    Red vinyl, limited to 199 copies.

    Satanic black/death from Greece.

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  • TRIBULATION - Melanholia MLP


    7 tracks and 42 minutes playing time on heavy 180gr vinyl. Including 2 remixes of "Melancholia" plus four tracks (one cover version and three demo recordings).

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  • SINOATH - Forged In Blood & Still In The Grey Dying 2LP


    Cult Dark Occult Metal from Italy. The band’s two first legendary studio recordings together with an obscure live recording of the band’s very first gig (May 1991) on vinyl for the first time.

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  • TRIBULATION - Down Below LP


    Sweden’s TRIBULATION have celebrated an impressive rise to international recognition since developting from the old school death of "The Horror" to the progressive and atmospheric successor "Formulas Of Death", before adding an classic goth rock vibe since 2015's "Children Of The Night". 

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  • ARCHGOAT - The Light-Devouring Darkness 2LP (Purple & Black Mix With...


    Classic brooding riffs, malignant atmospheres, primordial blastbeats and deathly guttural vocals are the hallmarks of ARCHGOAT's black art and "The Light-Devouring Darkness" is a monument to their unending vitriol and malice.

    Issued in a gatefold cover sleeve with 15-page LP-size lyrics booklet glued to inside jackets and with A2-size single-sided poster featuring front cover artwork.

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